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    I have a lot of work done on my house, mostly renovations but sometimes plumbing problems crop up. I've hired several companies to come over and fix these problems even though most are just minor things. This time is different because the main line became blocked... not only did they fix it within an hour but also told me about having continuous maintenance which has cut down on my yearly bill by over 10%. The best part is that even though we all live in same area they bargained for prices with my local water company so that I can get credits on my account for using them instead of the company I was originally going to hire!

    - Cheryl Torg

      My bathroom sink has been leaking for several days, it's an old house and all the plumbing is original which means it's really confusing down there. I had no idea where to even start until PlumberSomerville came over and gave me a free estimate. They told me exactly what needed replacement without looking at my bill, then they got started right away! They worked non-stop for almost two hours then told me about all the different kind of pipes are underground, they even told me why I have low water pressure. I told them I'd be more than happy to write a review because they were so nice! I have no doubt that if something ever needs fixing again, I will hire them again.

      - Jane Peters

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