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    My bathroom sink has been leaking for several days, it's an old house and all the plumbing is original which means it's really confusing down there. I had no idea where to even start until PlumberSomerville came over and gave me a free estimate. They told me exactly what needed replacement without looking at my bill, then they got started right away! They worked non-stop for almost two hours then told me about all the different kind of pipes are underground, they even told me why I have low water pressure. I told them I'd be more than happy to write a review because they were so nice! I have no doubt that if something ever needs fixing again, I will hire them again.

    - Jane Peters

      I had a few different plumbing companies come over and give me estimates for this job but every single one of them wanted close to $1000! Which was crazy because it's just a toilet that needs replacement plus all my shut off valves are right here, so there's no need for any additional parts or labor. PlumbersSomervillePro came over as soon as I called them, gave me a fair estimate and were able finish everything within an hour! They even cleaned up everything once finished... I will definitely call them if something happens.

      - Mary Ivanova

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