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Do you need Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler maintenance in Somerville MA is a service for ensuring that their boiler can run as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance is helpful for those people who wish to spend less money on energy bills and experience fewer breakdowns than those without proper preventative maintenance. Our plumbers at PlumberSomervillePro are ready to handle any water heaters issue you may face. We have extensive experience in boiler installation and boiler repair services, such as tankless water heater repair and replacement, hot water heater installation, broken water heaters repair, and more. If you notice cloudy water, strange noises, leaking tanks, or pressure relief valves, call PlumberSomervillePro heating professionals immediately! 

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a full-service heating contractor, who will work hand-by-hand with you, you are in the right place. Heating repair Somerville plumbers are equipped to handle all traditional water heaters and tankless water heater maintenance needs. Our experienced team will also prioritize safety to thoroughly clean the boiler and replace any parts that may be damaged or corroded. Additionally, we back our services with a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind. For years, our plumbing team have been helping people with their commercial heating repairs. 

In an emergency, our team is here 24/7 to ensure quick action for heating system repair works. We want our customers to continue with daily life without worrying about the problems with their heating system. We prioritize boiler repair and heating dilemmas emergencies so they don’t turn into disasters down the road. 

Our experienced Somerville heating contractors understand that your boiler is crucial for a bitterly cold winter climate. They are ready for any heating installation and have all the essential tools, heating equipment, and heating products.

Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

At PlumberSommervillePro, our highly trained plumber and the professional heating team will ensure that your boiler can run as safely and efficiently as possible. For those with well-maintained boilers experience fewer breakdowns than those without proper maintenance.

A boiler is an expensive heating system, so you will want to ensure it functions correctly for as long as possible. Here are some of the benefits of regular Boiler Maintenance Somerville:

Regular Cleaning = Fewer Repairs 

Your bill is not your only concern when it comes to heating repair services Somerville. When your heating system constantly needs maintenance, it is more likely that your comfort level will break down. Even if you aren’t experiencing problems with your air heating or boiler now, ensuring that the interior and exterior are cleaned thoroughly once a year can reduce future unexpected heating issues. Additionally, our heating company can replace any parts that were damaged or corroded before they impact performance.

Fewer Breakdowns = Decreased Energy

Bills It’s simple– when your boiler is working properly, it won’t need repair. When you don’t have to worry about repairs, you can save money on your energy bill by not needing to replace parts or get the cooling system fixed. Homeowners are often surprised by how much money they can save simply by letting professionals handle their routine maintenance needs.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill 

A well-maintained boiler uses less energy to perform the same job as an older one will. The heat exchanger will not have built up as much dirt or corrosion, allowing it to be more efficient at providing heat. Also, keeping your pilot light clean ensures you have a strong flame that doesn’t go out often, leading to better heating.

Increased Unit Life 

With cleaning and replacing old parts, your boiler will be in good operating condition for many years to come. A well-maintained boiler should last 20+ years, while a poorly kept one might need to be replaced after only 5 or 10. This can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding unit replacements.


How often is boiler maintenance for a gas boiler?

Most boilers need annual maintenance and inspection, but we recommend every six months. If you see the first signs of the water leak by the boiler, it may be caused by corrosion of the metal. Call our expert technicians to find out more information about energy-efficient boiler types and heat maintenance solutions. 

How often is boiler maintenance for an electric boiler?

Electric boilers need an inspection every two years, but they may need maintenance as frequently as every six months if your boiler is older than that. Call our heating professional team to find out more information about the services we provide.

How much does it cost for boiler maintenance?

The average cost of service for a gas-boiler range in Somerville is $70 to $150. For electric boilers, the average cost is around $100 to $200. The actual price range depends on how old the boiler is, what problems were found during the inspection, and what parts need replacement. Call our experienced service team, and they will be happy to provide you with a quote for most boiler maintenance jobs, furnace repair jobs, and indoor heat services. 


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