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Do you need Faucet Repair in Somerville?

If you’ve noticed that your faucet isn’t working properly, don’t panic. We can fix any type of faucet in Somerville for a very cost-effective price. Leaky faucets are not only super annoying but also damage the woodwork around the sink area. Your family’s safety is more important than worrying about how to replace faucets. When it comes to quality and affordability, our plumbers provide nothing but the best! Our plumbers in Somerville will ensure that your leaky faucets are fixed ASAP so that you can get back to your routine without further distractions.

Why Choose Us

You can always count on us for quality plumbing service and 100% customer satisfaction. Our experienced Somerville plumbers specialize in all major faucet repairs, including single handle, double handle, and single cartridge and ceramic disk cartridges. No job is too big or small for our professional Somerville plumbers. In addition to faucets, we also provide full fixture installation and replacement services.

We know that the last thing Somerville residents want is to deal with a mess caused by faulty plumbing problems, which is why we offer same-day schedule service and emergency availability Monday through Sunday. Plus, our rates are affordable, and we’re upfront about any additional charges, so there will be no hidden surprises once the job has been completed.

Benefits of our company

We’re a group of skilled and experienced plumbers that offer quality work at affordable prices. Our technicians undergo training and certification to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. 

During your free consultation, we will determine the root cause of the problem and provide an estimate for repair services once we arrive at your home or business in Somerville. Our friendly plumbers will never charge you any additional fees for residential or commercial plumbing services which you don’t really need. We are available for 24 Hour emergency services in Somerville MA. 

If you are experiencing issues with your faucets, don’t hesitate to contact our plumbing & heating service professionals through phone or email for a free consultation session. You can also schedule an appointment by phone or online. Find out more about our services on the rest of this page.

Our Faucet Repair Services:

In addition to faucet repair services, we also provide full fixture installation and replacement services:

Outdoor faucet

A leaky outdoor faucet can cause water to dribble onto the patio or walkway. It may be difficult to distinguish where the leak is coming from, which is why you should call a professional plumber for help.

Shower faucet

The leaking shower head will make your floor slippery and wet, especially if it’s dripping into the tub. We can come out quickly to replace any faulty parts that are causing this problem.

Dripping faucet

If your sink is dripping, don’t ignore it! This could lead to more severe problems like corrosion on the valves and damage to surrounding flooring and wall materials. Call us today so we can provide a cost-effective solution and advise you on how to avoid such problems in the future.

Bathtub faucet

Leaky valves under the tub can cause water stains on your flooring and damage woodwork around the bathroom area. Not only will this make your bathroom looks messy, but it also poses a safety risk. Our specialists are highly qualified to solve any troubles you might be experiencing with your bathtub faucets.

Kitchen faucet

When your kitchen sink is leaking, you need help quickly! This problem could increase if left untreated for too long, which is why contacting us right away is crucial to preventing further damages from taking place. We are available 24/7 to provide fast service at reasonable rates so you can get back to doing all those things that you love!

Faucet diverter

You don’t need to waste water while you’re cleaning up the floor if your faucet has an integrated sprayer. We can replace the faulty part that’s causing this problem or install a new one if needed.

Laundry tub faucet

Tubs are usually made of porcelain enamel that is not resistant to corrosion, so they will be damaged quickly by constant exposure to running water. If your laundry tub has visible leaks, call us for prompt service before any further damage occurs.


How long does it take to repair a faucet? 

A dripping bathroom sink can be fixed within an hour, while more complicated repairs may need up to 3 hours. However, we will never exceed the two-hour mark, and our technicians always provide an ETA of when they will arrive at your home or business. If you’d like, you can also schedule a convenient appointment time directly through our online scheduler. Please note that we will charge you for the first hour of service whether or not we exceed it.

How much does it cost to repair a faucet? 

Different factors contribute to the total cost of faucet repairs, including labor, parts, and the difficulty level of the job. The easiest repairs are usually about $50 – $100, while medium-level projects are around $150 – $250. More complex jobs will cost an average of $300 – $500, which is why you should never hesitate to ask us for an estimate before any work begins. 

We’ll be glad to provide all necessary information without hiding any fees behind “fine print.” We offer discounts for seniors, active military personnel and law enforcement officers. For more information, please give our friendly customer service professionals today!

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