I had several plumbing companies come over to take a look at my bathtub/shower fixture that wasn’t working properly but every single one of them wanted $150 just for an estimate, which I didn’t think was fair because it’s just an estimate right? Then I found PlumbersSomervillePro and called up their number based on good reviews, turns out she was right! They came over the same day, fixed the problem in under an hour plus didn’t charge me anything extra for coming out on a Saturday night or for showing them all the problems.

– Fiona Glickstein

I have a lot of work done on my house, mostly renovations but sometimes plumbing problems crop up. I’ve hired several companies to come over and fix these problems even though most are just minor things. This time is different because the main line became blocked… not only did they fix it within an hour but also told me about having continuous maintenance which has cut down on my yearly bill by over 10%. The best part is that even though we all live in same area they bargained for prices with my local water company so that I can get credits on my account for using them instead of the company I was originally going to hire!

– Cheryl Torg

I totally recommend this company to anyone who needs a plumber in Somerville. We found them online and give them a try. They were quick, detailed with what they were going to do and fair priced. They didn’t charge us for coming out on a Saturday night which was past their normal hours, very nice of them! They even took off all our cabinets and put everything back when they finished so we didn’t have to clean up! Very professional people there… will update if anything changes down the line but so far so good!

– Freddy Najafi

I had a really bad smell coming from my toilet and I didn’t know what to do about it… so I called up Plumbers Somerville Pro after finding their info online. They scheduled me on short notice, came over and looked at everything for no charge which was nice of them again because I have insurance for this sort a thing right? They told me that all they can do is give out an estimate until they actually see the problem, but after they saw it, they gave me a very reasonable estimate and fixed everything within an hour. I was happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone.

– Joe Bishop

A friend referred me to them and I’m glad he did because they were the cheapest quote, I got from all the plumbing companies in town! Funny thing is that they don’t focus much on marketing which seems like a lost opportunity, but it didn’t affect their performance negatively at all because they are cool. They were great at explaining what needed to be done and why, also very detailed with how things should look once finished. I had three small leaks under my sink plus a leak from the toilet, everything was fixed within half an hour! They couldn’t have done it any faster! Will recommend them if you need a plumber in Somerville.

– Toby Lee

I was having some clogging problems with my toilet in which I called up Plumbers Somerville Pro based on good reviews, boy am I happy with their service! They came over right when they said they would be there and took a look at everything for free before giving me an estimate. The price was very reasonable because it turns out that I needed a new flapper in both toilets which wasn’t expensive, they fixed everything within an hour and we haven’t had any problems since. Will recommend them to anyone looking for a good plumber in Somerville.

– Elaine Levy

I had a few different plumbing companies come over and give me estimates for this job but every single one of them wanted close to $1000! Which was crazy because it’s just a toilet that needs replacement plus all my shut off valves are right here, so there’s no need for any additional parts or labor. PlumbersSomervillePro came over as soon as I called them, gave me a fair estimate and were able finish everything within an hour! They even cleaned up everything once finished… I will definitely call them if something happens.

– Mary Ivanova

I live in one of those old apartment buildings that has it’s own original plumbing and I was having some issues with my toilet and sink so I called up this company and they came over right away… I couldn’t believe how quick they were at coming over! They explained everything to me very detailed before they even started which was nice because many other people just start working without saying anything which can be presumptuous. The price was good and I will definitely hire them again if I ever need help with my plumbing.

– Sally Blumberg

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that this company is the only one you need to call if you have a plumbing problem! They arrived within minutes of me calling them, did an amazing job at fixing my problem and for a great price too! I’ve been recommending these guys left and right to all my friends because they rock.

– Lola Singh

I had the pleasure of working with these guys after my apartment complex took a long time to get back to me. I called them up and they came over in about 15 min. They were super polite, never complained about anything (even though it was 6 am) and worked fast. The plumbers went above and beyond my expectations when replacing the radiator pipe because my place is old. Keep in mind that this didn’t cost me anything extra at all considering. I have insurance for these things, right? So, it’s basically free! All-in-all, good experience so far… will update if something changes down the line!

– Moe McGill

Plumbers Somerville Pro did a great job with my kitchen sink and I was very pleased with their work. They were quick, detailed and had competitive prices! One of the best things about them is that they like to clearly explain what needs to be done and why which made me feel at ease while they worked on fixing my problem. I will definitely hire them again if I run into any plumbing problems.

– Lisa Willson

I needed my main line fixed ASAP because I was hosting a party in 2 days, the company that usually does this kind of work for me couldn’t get here until next week which left me no other choice but to call someone else. This company came over the same day, gave me an affordable price and worked quickly… they were even done before I knew it plus everything is working perfect again. They were really friendly to work with which was nice because most people would be annoyed by all my questions plus, I also want to thank them for understanding how inconvenient the timing was.

– Peter Wallison

My bathroom sink has been leaking for several days, it’s an old house and all the plumbing is original which means it’s really confusing down there. I had no idea where to even start until PlumberSomerville came over and gave me a free estimate. They told me exactly what needed replacement without looking at my bill, then they got started right away! They worked non-stop for almost two hours then told me about all the different kind of pipes are underground, they even told me why I have low water pressure. I told them I’d be more than happy to write a review because they were so nice! I have no doubt that if something ever needs fixing again, I will hire them again.

– Jane Peters

Those guys are amazing! I had a problem with my water heater that was leaking. So they came, saw and conquered. Replaced it in no time! The next day I had another problem where there was a leak of some sort under the sink. Holy crap did these guys work fast! Solved the problem in a jiffy. I want to hire them again for an extended warranty of their services or something because I can know be sure that all my plumbing needs will be taken care of. I would recommend PlumberSomervillePro for any type of job you think might need doing around your house.

– Vincent Sullivan

I own a house that was built back in the early 1950s, so it has some very old plumbing that breaks down here and there. I had PlumberSomervillePro come out to my place on short notice because I had several minor issues with my sinks, toilet and shower… they worked for over five hours but even though they were tired they kept being professional about their work. They cleaned up everything once finished which was nice because many other people don’t do this plus even told me how to prevent some of these problems from happening again! Will hire them again if any problems happen!

– Liam Foster

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