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Do You Need Sewer Cleaning?

Sewer lines are part of the wastewater drainage system that runs beneath streets and property lines. Most sewer lines, called “sewers” or “sanitary sewers,” drain sewage waste to a treatment facility or directly into natural waterways. On occasion, however, some homeowners may have a problem with their sewer line and need significant repairs or even replacement. Sewer cleaning should be performed regularly to prevent clogs, obstructions and other issues from developing in your sewer line.

Why Choose Us

We’re a locally-owned, family-operated business with over seven years of experience in sewer cleaning. Our plumbing company is fully licensed and bonded, and we always offer upfront pricing for our services, so you’ll never be surprised with hidden fees. 

When it comes to sewer cleaning in Somerville MA, residents choose PlumberSomervillePro for several reasons. We are experienced, skilled, well-trained and ready to assist you with all your plumbing needs. Our technicians are qualified to perform any work on your home’s drainage systems, including installing whole house water filters, air conditioning replacement, tankless water heater replacement and more. Whether you need sewer cleaning or other services, our drain technicians can get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Benefits of Sewer Cleaning

Can a lousy smell be coming from your drains? If so, you might need sewer cleaning. This is a professional drain cleaning services Somerville plumbers may offer. Our expert technicians clean out all of the sewers in your home to improve flow and eliminate odour. Sewer cleaning can help prevent expensive damage such as broken pipes or sewage overflow. 


The water may drain into the exterior sewer line instead of your home’s internal drainage system if you do not do that. This can build up and cause problems within your sewer line over time, including clogs that will require professional plumbing assistance to resolve. 


Other benefits of regular sewer cleaning include

  • Reduce or eliminate backups in house drains
  • Prevent potential health issues
  • Increase the efficiency of your home’s wastewater removal system
  • Enhance the environment by reducing pollutants entering waterways

Keeping your sewer lines flowing freely can reduce or avoid costly repair and replacement work. PlumberSomervillePro provides homeowners throughout Somerville with regular, high-quality, affordable plumbing service to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. If you have a problem with a clog or obstruction in your sewer line that is causing backups, call us today to schedule an appointment for sewer cleaning. Our courteous technicians will come in protective equipment, with a face mask and disposable gloves, because your safety is the number one priority for us. 


How much does sewer cleaning cost?

The cost of sewer cleaning varies depending on project size and scope. For example, some homeowners may only need a simple drain line rodding to remove small obstructions such as sticks and other debris collected in the line. Other projects may require sewer replacement or sewer lining to resolve more complex issues with the sewage drainage system. Please call us now to get a free quote for the affordable drain cleaning services needed. 

What is sewer cleaning?

Sewer cleaning is the act of clearing, repairing and replacing sewer lines that are no longer draining wastewater correctly. Drain cleaning service may be very complex, involving digging up yards or streets to access the problem area. Other plumbing projects may include cleaning pipes with chemical solutions, jetting, rodding and hydro-jetting, among other services. But don’t be scared, your plumbing issue may be not as complicated as listed above. Just contact our dedicated plumbing professionals to get top-notch support service as soon as possible. 

How often should you have your sewer line cleaned?

PlumberSommervillePro recommends professional sewer cleaning once every three years for all residential properties. This will help ensure that your drain line is operating as it should, avoiding potential backups and other problems. Annual inspections are recommended for most homes to spot potential issues before they become more serious problems that require costly repairs or replacements. If you suspect any problems with your sewer line, contact PlumberSommervillePro, and our friendly customer service representative for more information on sewer cleaning.

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